how to train dog pt.2

The head of the Affenpinscher is round in shape, with a very pronounced stop between the eyes and the muzzle. The muzzle is relatively short, and the lower jaw extends slightly beyond the nose. The nose is very noticeable, and the longer hair grows away from the nose in a beard around the mouth. The eyes are round and somewhat prominent – but not protruding – and are always black, very alert and serious looking. Long eyebrows that are very mobile contribute to the facial expressions that this breed is known for. The ears have traditionally been cropped, but many countries now prohibit this practice so dogs may be shown with their ears natural. The natural ears will be small and triangular in shape, folded over and held relatively close to the head. The long hairs of the forehead and eyebrows will often partially cover the ears. The overall appearance of the face should be very monkey-like, with all features symmetrical.
Health Problems

The Affenpinscher is a very hardy and healthy breed of dog, with few major Health Problems or genetic concerns. As with most small breeds of dogs there is a possibility of patellar luxation, or slipped kneecap, that can occur as dogs age, but this can be treated by a veterinarian. Legg Perthes disease, a hip degeneration that happens in young dogs, can also occur but can usually be treated with surgical procedures. Obtaining a puppy from a reputable breeder that has screened the male and female for this condition will ensure the condition will not be present. Very infrequently, a heart condition called PDA ( Patent ductus arteriosis )and open fontanel, improper closing of the bones of the skull, can be found in the breed.
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The Affenpinscher’s naturally wiry type coat requires regular grooming to keep tangles from developing. A wire brush or good quality pin brush, as well as a wide tooth metal comb are usually all the supplies that are required. It is important to brush the Affenpinscher at least every other day to keep the shaggy coat free from tangles. The outer coat as well as the slightly wavy inner coat will need grooming. The furnishings or feathering on the legs and belly can be combed first to remove large tangles, then brushed to remove the debris and dead hairs.

Affenpinschers that will be used in the show ring need to be stripped, which is a process of removing the long hairs by plucking. This can be done by a professional groomer or the owner, and is the best way to keep the coat looking its best. Clipping the coat of the Affenpinscher will result in a poor coat for several years, and is typically not recommended. Avoid bathing this breed unless necessary, to prevent the removal of the natural protective oils in the outer coat. Dry powder can be used for grooming between baths if necessary.

The Affenpinscher is a moderately active dog that does require regular exercise. They can be exercised in relatively small areas, and will play indoors just as well as outdoors. In general, Affenpinschers love to get outdoors and run and play. They are natural climbers, and seem to want to explore all of the area they are allowed to run in. A fenced yard is ideal for an Affenpinscher to explore, while staying safe from larger dogs. They will sometimes chase wildlife and even other cats or pets, so a fence is important for this breed.

The Affenpinscher should have regular, daily walks and exercise. Without routine outings the dogs may become somewhat rambunctious in the house, and will be more prone to getting into things and even engaging in undesirable behavior such as problem barking or chewing. Regular exercise, in conjunction with positive training, will prevent these issues from occurring.

The Affenpinscher should never be left outdoors in cold climates or strenuously exercised in very hot or cold conditions. Many Affenpinschers love to fetch and play with the family, and often a romp in the yard with the kids is the best possible exercise for this breed.

The Affenpinscher is a very intelligent dog that does best when challenged mentally. They quickly become bored with the same requests, and do not do well with a highly repetitive training program. Since they are so intelligent, they will quickly learn both correct and incorrect behaviors so early, firm, loving and consistent training is essential.

The breed is naturally playful and mischievous, so should not be expected to be a completely serious dog. They love to be in the middle of action and activities, and often can become quickly distracted by things going on in the environment. Training sessions should be short and in a distraction-free environment until the puppy or dog understands the basic commands. Once they know what you are expecting, they will quickly learn to follow commands even when something is going on around them.

The Affenpinscher, like many small dogs, can be difficult to house train simply because of their physical size. Crate training is an ideal solution to this problem, and is very effective when done correctly and with the success and comfort of the puppy in mind. Since the Affenpinscher loves to be outdoors, getting them to go outside is not typically a problem.
Watch for any signs of irritation of the eyes in the form of tearing. Small hairs can sometimes grow on the side of the eyes, or longer hairs may curl into the eyes causing irritation. Plucking or removing these hairs is all that is usually required to prevent the tearing.