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Later, during World War 2, the Akita breed grew into a real crisis. As the number of dogs down a number of causes of malnutrition are also ordering the arrest and imprisonment of all the dogs. In addition to the German Shepherd dog breed that can be utilized in war. The dogs were malnourished and dying a lot.

Akita dog breed. Is the national dog of Japan. Originated in Honshu. In the past, the Akita dog breed and raise them to be cultivated for the purpose of being used as a dog. Emperor body guard. And as hunting dogs such as deer, bears, birds, and is also active in the military.
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After the war ended. It began with the restoration of the Akita dog breed, which in this period was the American Akita dog lovers in this species are imported into America. And has been developed into a breed apart from the American Akita, Akita notified whenever a new native species.

However, the Association of the United States and the development of dog breeds developed in Canada. Analyzed together and tell the American Akita and the Akita until the Spanish came to the conclusion that The two species have different characteristics. But as the same species. Subsequently, on 1 January 2006 the Association of British dog breeds. Therefore concluded that the notified whenever a new Akita native species has not been any cross breeds.

Akita is a dog breed with a high of yourself. Somewhat reclusive. And do not show it off to you. Whether it’s a stranger or pets themselves. They usually do not approach strangers. Need to be adequately trained socially. To reduce the aggressive potential on the stranger.

The Akita is a dog that is intelligent, energetic, patient, determined by the character of the brave exploits a unique characteristic of this breed. Is honest and loyal to owners. They regarded it as significant. And is a major cause of the worldwide admiration and attention turned to the more common dog breeds, respectively.

Akita dog that is easy to maintain and clean. Usually shed 2 times a year they have a habit to clean anyway, so guests do not have to worry about how much you clean. But it is something that should be ignored. To take them to the gym regularly. Although the Akita is a medium sized dog, but he will have a relatively high energy in the body. Alert at all times. I also have a bad habit. The exercise will help Akita energy balance in the body. And reduce boredom, which is a source of stress.

That should be enough time to do various things. Or Akita to take regular exercise. So that he could use the energy stored in the body. And to the health of his strength.

Akita’s temperament as well as disadvantages. Because they tend to be tired or feel tired and may lead to unwanted behavior if the party does not have enough time to care.

There are also other issues that need to be aware of. Akita dog breed. A dog that can tolerate cold weather well. But in the opposite way. They have the ability to heat to low so the party should avoid this breed is raised in the presence of heat.